UL and ETL Listing symbolsIn the early part of this century, fires due to faulty products were extremely common. The building regulations were not in place or each location had a different set of rules. As an attempt to reduce the loss of life and property, several laboratories began “safety testing”.

The most well known is Underwriters Laboratories, although Thomas Edison started Edison Testing Laboratories at essentially the same time. This safety testing has evolved into the modern day “safety marks”. The marks are either Recognized or Listed. Recognized products are products which are deemed safe for a limited particular use An explanation of the difference between these two marks can be found here.

An example of the UL listing process can be seen here 

It is cost effective to define the UL standard prior to the design effort. This minimizes cost and delays such that the design is in compliance from the beginning.

By understanding both the specification and the required information, the complete submittal reduces the time required by UL or ETL.

Reduced overall time can have significant impact because time to market may be the success or failure of a company

Products successfully certified:

  • UL 935 Easylite Electronic Ballast
  • UL 508 Colorado vNet Dimmer Module System
  • UL60950 Colorado vNet Automation controls
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