Proven Entrepreneur with the expertise and experience for “fast tracking” the development of new and existing products. My knowledge avoids wasted time and money.

My Startups: The Instrument Development Laboratory at the University of Colorado, Adaptive Instruments Corporation, Turbulence Prediction Systems and Easylite Lighting. Created the business plans, development and manufacturing…

Intellectual Property Strategist for four organizations. Twenty-Six personal patents issued and twelve pending patent applications. My patents were the basis for a multi-million dollar investment in Turbulence Prediction Systems. Coordinated thirty-five corporate patent applications in just one of the four companies.

My Expertise: 

  • SIX SIGMA design
  • Analog circuits
  • Bioengineering
  • Prototype circuits
  • H-Bridge three-phase control
  • Switched mode power supplies
  • VENABLE measurements, Sensors
  • Power factor based circuits
  • Microprocessor controllers
  • Infrared sensing, Battery systems
  • Dimming fluorescent ballast
  • FCC measurements and Pre-compliance
  • UL standards guidance / Compliance
  • EMC measurements, EMC susceptibility
  • ESD mitigation, Amplifier circuits
  • Home automation, Ultrasound
  • Environmental validation
  • Margins testing

Fully Insured – both personal and professional – details available upon request

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