Team LeaderI have had the good fortune to work in many disciplines and many different aspects of the technical arena. Please check out my Prior Experiences page on this website.

Recently, I have had several assignments where my senior level broad based experience was very useful to my clients.

There are many projects within companies where senior leaders are needed but not available to get the projects on-track—often, they are only needed as temporary empowering agents. Once the project has been correctly directed, the permanent junior team members can take over.

I offer my skills to help you get your projects on-track. The typical timetable I am interested in is 15 to 30 days.

My last assignment was to get a high-quality product on a clear path to the prototype level as integration testing was extremely important to “find those yet unresolved problems.”

Items such as:

  • Clear understanding of the product requirements
  • Clear understanding of the regulatory issues
    • FCC Part 15 Class B
    • IEC 61000-xx testing
    • UL508 issues
    • Clear understanding of the manufacturing processes
    • Clear communication / cooperation within the development team
    • Discipline to make as few errors as possible
    • Realistic schedule getting >95% of all the issues accomplished

If you have a project that needs a temporary leader who can get things headed in the correct direction, let’s talk.


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