Custom Microcontrollers designed, assembled, and shipped on your schedule at reasonable costs.

Recently, a colleague of mine has decided to work with me, which gives us the collective expertise to provide custom microcontrollers in limited quantity runs. We recently completed a custom controller to initiate multiple Morse Code IDs for multiple radio frequencies. A total of 14 devices were required and the timetable was 30 days.

We successfully completed the project on time and within budget. Here’s a picture of that device. Size is ~5 X 3 inches.

Custom Microcontroller

By purchasing an existing unit (the smaller board) and interfacing our custom designed controller, we were able to keep costs reasonable and meet a difficult schedule. My expertise is in designing unique devices as evidenced both by my 15 issued and 15 pending patents (check out my prior experiences on this website), my colleague, Jonathan, is an expert in digital electronics, Printed Circuit Board layout and manufacturing.

We can offer UL, FCC, IEC standards and manufacturing guidance as required. Let us help you meet your unique needs.


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