EMI Waveform

It is extremely cost effective to determine at the earliest opportunity if an electronic design is within the acceptable limits of the controlling EMI regulations

  • If it is, the assurance redirects the effort to the other design issues
  • If it is not, the early detection saves money by redirecting the
    EMI design before more effort is wasted.
  • The following are three possible design issues where EMI prescan is useful.
    • The design moves from concept to prototype
    • A completed design is operated in a different setting 
      (i.e. from commercial to residential use) or
    • A design has “feature creep”
  • RADThis method has been used on:
    • Easylite ballasts
    • Colorado vNet Control Products
    • Colorado vNet Digital Audio Products
  • Possible “fixes” if there is a problem
    • When the radiated portion of the design is not in compliance
      there are several possibilities — the problem can be just one or 
      a combination of these issues

      • Overall Layout of the Printed Circuit board
      • Inadequate bypass capacitors
      • Improper placement of radiating components
      • Number of layers within the Printed Circuit Board
      • Speed of high-frequency signals
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